Sunday, May 04, 2008

See you on the other side!

It's a week until we go to Melbourne; the cat goes into quarantine tomorrow, the movers come on Tuesday, and on Sunday evening, we fly!

Things are crazy here right now, and the phone and ADSL will be cut off tomorrow(ish), so this is me, signing out until I get to Australia and internet access there!

Sorry if I haven't responded to your comments and emails - I will get to it, eventually.



Everyday Yogini said...

Blesssings to you as you take this next step in your journey! Be gentle with yourself and make sure to share all of your adventures with us!!

shinyyoga said...

hoorah for coming to the best city in oz!! i can't wait till we're neighbours..

GOOD LUCK with the move.. I moved (close by) cities this weekend and i'ts very tiring.. can only imagine an international move!

but oh how sweet it is : ) MEET you soon xx

Julie's journey said...

It must have been hard to leave but harder to stay. Welcome to a safe haven.

Mona Makes said...

good luck with the move! My boyfriend wants us to move to Melbourne someday:-) What an exciting (and stressful of course) time for you!

Linda Sama said...

safe travels to you, nadine! best of luck in your move and best wishes always!


Marilyn P. Sushi said...

Good luck and have a safe move!!

Kat said...

Have a safe trip Nadine. Look forward to hearing about your adventures on the other side.

rand(om) bites said...

WOW - I wish you safe travels and hope kitty comes through okay too. How exciting!! Now I hve another great reason to visit Melbourne :-) x