Monday, May 19, 2008


Oh wow, one week in Melbourne today! People here are very very friendly, very very helpful. I have lost count of how many maps people have drawn for us, and restaurants recommended, kindnesses offered. AND. We walk around at night. After dark.

This utter lack of xenophobia makes me sad about what is going on in my erstwhile nation. It's such a stark contrast.

Anyway, I always find it hard to write about things while I am living them, so here are some photos instead!

See the originals here! And nothing will be said about all the cupcakes and coffee. Mmmm.

PS yes, I did knit that green hoodie. Love it.
PPS Thank you for all the emails and comments. Your support means so much! xxx


Everyday Yogini said...

Nadine. You look so happy, so relaxed. Welcome to your new home!!

And, by the way, your hoodie is awesome! Where did you get the pattern??

Team Knit ! said...

The photos look great, and that green hoodie is awesome! I love seeing knits in action.

- Julie

shinyyoga said...

welcome 'home' gorgeous! Well.. to yr new home : )

you are already such a melbourne gal with that spunky hoody!! May you enjoy many more cupcakes and sunshiney days xxx

rand(om) bites said...

Awww, love the photos and the food! Melbourne has the best bars and cafes. I'll have to organise another trip down soon so we can meet :-)

Kelly C. said...

you look so happy and radiant in your new home (and gorgeous hoodie! that green is exquisite!). wishing you all the best in settling in.
: )