Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Future of Air Travel


All travelers: Standard procedure, for your own safety and protection:

  • Please undress in the curtained booths and put on one of these standard paper jumpsuits. Place your clothing in the plastic bag, and we will perform security checks on it. We might return it at the end of you journey.
  • Please shave you head and all other body hair.
  • Your luggage will also be security-checked, and incinerated if it is a security risk. Or if we just don't like the look of it.
  • Please arrive 24 hours before your scheduled flight in order to allow us to complete security checks in a timely manner.
  • If you have a green passport (i.e. Third World somewhere), you are not welcome. Anywhere. Go home.


Linda (Sama) said...

welcome back, nadine!

now start blogging about what you learned at KYM...

less than 90 days for me! yee-ha!

Karen Beth said...

I can see this happening. Funny... but scary!

Great to see you blogging again!

Kimberly Palmer said...

Hi Nadine!
flying today is painful, isn't it? I went to italy recently and transferring through heathrow (within the airport!) took about an hour and a half -- crazy! I guess they need to do their own security. but at least it doesn't seem to be stopping people from traveling... your trip to london sounds awesome!

rand(om) bites said...

Spoken like a seasoned traveller! Look forward to reading more when you're settled again :-)

Nadine Fawell said...

Thanks girls!
Linda, I will blog about KYM soon - I just find it hard to write about things I am still assimilating, and once I have processed the learning, it kinda looks like my own musings!

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

Great post!! I laughed out loud. Then I shared it with my partner, Mike. He didn't laugh--because he thinks it just might be true....