Sunday, December 24, 2006

I love yoga!

I have had a bit more time the last few days, so I have done some really long yoga practices. It's like a giant splash of water in the desert. When I am busy and physically exhausted, sometimes it feels like a chore to come to the mat, but right now, I am being reminded of just why yoga has held my interest for so long, and why I feel compelled to share its joys with as many people as possible.

For the last two days, I have dedicated my practice to releasing anger and family healing, and I find myself looking forward to the coming festivities with an open heart. It's funny how talking about our issues tends not to make us feel much better about the situation, while actively doing something (like dedicating your yoga practice to a solution) does. Same with meditating - endless self-analysis falls far short of just sitting and listening to the small quiet voice within.

Although I am still working with that hamstring injury, there are so many ways to experience a full practice and I am grateful for the learning that always comes with injury. I have found a new 'sun salute' sequence that doesn't involve the deep lunging or forward bends that are currently out of the question, and I come off the mat feeling refreshed and open.

Hope you all enoy the benefits of your practice, Happy Christmas!

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