Monday, March 03, 2008

What's your favourite?

Ah, it seems there are some among us who like eagle pose (yes Shula, garudhasana!) The 'back breathers' among us,seem to have no problem compressing the front of their lungs, while those of use who only breathe into the front of our lungs, well, we like Other Poses more.

As the ever erudite Katnip says,
We can’t see the back of the body. Its harder to feel. Its like the dark side of the moon. Is it really there? From the symbolic perspective, its our shadow side. Kind of scary to breathe into the shadow side -huh?

Now I am really curious: since the March theme for WoYoPracMo is Grounding, standing balances seem rather appropriate. For me anyway. I know what my faves are, but what are yours?

To quote YogaMum:

For March, I invite you to think about the theme of "Grounding" and apply it to your yoga practice. In late winter, plants send down roots, to establish a deep foundation that will support blossoming and growth in the spring. We can do this kind of grounding in our yoga practices as well -- whether by concentrating on the rooting aspects of the physical asanas (working on the foundation of standing poses, for example) or by thinking about what we might need in our lives to "ground" and stabilize our practice. For myself, February was a bit of an unsettled month, and I look forward to spending some time reestablishing the roots of my practice.

I feel the same: this move to Melbourne has me feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under my feet. In a good way, but bumpy and unbalanced nonetheless.

I'm looking forward to the poll results - some ideas for my practice and teaching! As always, I love hearing what you think, most especially if you think differently to me: it reminds me why there are so many permutations of yoga - because everyone requires their own uniques solution!


DAWN said...

I love the dancer. I remember when I first got "into" yoga--that is the pose that drew me in. I saw it and thought, "that is the most beautiful thing". I still feel that way when I see someone in it.

Jennifer said...

Nice picture. Your upcoming move sounds exciting.

krista said...

Tree pose is still my favourite. And toe stand.

Kat said...

Tree pose is a favorite for me on any given day. but on my high energy days (wish I had more of those)-Dancer hands down.

Liara Covert said...

Moving to a new place is a way to remind you of the benefits of stepping outside what you think you know. I like how yoga encourages and nurtures increased physical flexibility. Practitioners may find they become increasingly flexible in the mind as well.