Monday, March 17, 2008

Sore Back and a Someone

My body, mind and soul are not One at the moment. In fact, the derangement is so bad that I dropped my wallet in a shopping mall on Friday morning. Silly thing to do, especially in South Africa. As a result, I had to cancel all my appointments for the day, and rush back to the mall to see if I could find it (ha!) or failing that, cancel all my cards.

Do you know, an Anonymous Someone had found my wallet, and handed it to security. Untampered-with. In crime-ridden Johannesburg! Amazing. Thank you, Anonymous Someone. I wish I knew who you were, so I could thank you properly.

And my back hurts. Well, my sacro-iliac joint on the right side hurts, actually. Right about the same place as this elephant's muladhara (root) chakra:

Chakra 1 - Muladhara, originally uploaded by venenum..

Is this not an awesome picture? Anyway, I am off to the chiropractor tomorrow to be put to rights, but thought I would share with you what this article on has to say about root chakra deficiency (it's actually worth reading the whole article):

Circumstances that pull up our roots and cause a first chakra deficiency ... include traveling, relocation, feeling fearful, and big changes in our body, family, finances, and business. Some people, often those with busy minds and active imaginations, don't need special challenges to become deficient in this chakra; they feel ungrounded most of the time, living more in the head than in the body.

We experience deficiencies in this chakra as "survival crises." However mild or severe—whether you've been evicted, gone bankrupt, or just have the flu-these crises usually demand a lot of immediate attention. On the other hand, signs of excessiveness in the first chakra include greed, hoarding of possessions or money, or attempting to ground yourself by gaining a lot of excess weight.

Hmmm. Wonder why my back hurts? Good thing I know a little about how to go about correcting it. Yes, bring on the standing poses. And the standing balances: if you haven't already, check out the results of the balance pose poll here.


Charisse said...

wow, that's great re your wallet!
hmmm, my overactive mind leads me to think i might also be deficient in root chakra. i think i'll have to practice some standing poses too (dancer's pose is my favourite even though i'm a bit wonky at it) :)

Ivete said...

Hi, Nadine! How nice you found yr wallet! There's always a good soul out there.
My root chakra must be out of balance, too. I'm putting on weight fast but I got that "click" that I must control my eating.I'll pay special attention on standing poses.
Hope you get better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nadine
So sorry to read your comment about your wallet that "Silly thing to do, especially in South Africa." I hope one day you can look back and see wonderful things about this country - like the kindness and honesty of strangers. what a great story this actually this.

Kat said...

Sorry about your injury. Hope you recover soon.

I once went to an intuitive massage therapist. I was starting a new career at the time-feeling a little insecure and anxious. She told me my root chakra was of the nature to "blow out" on me every once in a while. Her diagnosis was on target, but I don't know about the advice she gave.

Her advice to me?

wear red underwear

Oh well...

Julie's journey said...

I am a bit behind reading but I cant believe I chose to read this post at a time I really needed to read this post and the links. I am being watched over and it has opened a small chink of light in the blackness.