Saturday, September 15, 2007

Yoga Anywhere

I know most of us associate yoga practice with asana, and I must admit I really like to do a daily asana practice, as long-time readers know. I have managed a full asana practice almost every day since we have been travelling, with the exception of heavy travel days, when it just wasn't possible.

I can now say for certain that it is possible to practice anywhere. Really, anywhere. These are some of the places I have practiced in the last six weeks:
  • Yoga school in Chennai (duh)
  • Grubby apartment floor in Chennai
  • Hotel rooms, of generous proportions, in Pondicherry, Mamalapuram, Mumbai
  • Tiny London hallway, belonging to the friends with whom we are staying. There is no space to put arms out to the sides, or indeed really overhead, but I have managed a full practice nonetheless - it is the only space available!
  • Guesthouses and hotels in Dublin, Kilkenny, Cork, Killarney and Dunlaoghre. Some of these we of quite petite dimensions, especially in Cork where our room was in an attic with a dramatically sloping ceiling, no room to stand up properly...
So asana doesn't really present me with a challenge: I would have liked to attend more classes but that hasn't been possible.

As to the other yoga, the real reason we practice, well, that has been more of a challenge. You know how with continued practice you are meant to find a deeper connection to your inner self? I thought I was doing OK on that front, until I realised most of my internal connection is with my Inner Control Freak (we shall call her ICF.) ICF is not happy about the holiday weight gain, caused by too many restaurant meals, treats and the like. She thinks right now is a great time to start a Better Eating Plan. Despite the fact that we will be home in two weeks, and until then I don't have as much control over my life and food routines as I would at home... Sigh.

The only sign of progress on this front is that I am able to see the process as it unfolds. Some progess, c'est bien.


Literary Bohemian said...

I'm just beginning a Yoga practice (on and off for several months and only really consistently for the last four days). I found your blog during a frenzied search for information about Yoga online.

This post is poignant for me. If you can do your Yoga practice while travelling (something which I haven't had the willpower to do) then all my excuses are put to shame.

You rock! Your my Yoga hero!


Literary Bohemian.

Jane said...

Hello Nadine! I have been into yoga for about a year and a half now in Manila, Philippines.

Am glad to have discovered your blog. Your being able to find ways to continue your practice in the oddest places is truly inspiring!

I have added you to my list of yoga bloggers! Namaste.

rand(om) bites said...

I love this post Nadine and I hope to have the confidence to be able to practice anywhere myself one day too. I still tend to just "take the day off" if I am out and about but would love to be able to start my day ANYWHERE with sun salutations. Thanks for the inspiration :-)

Karen Beth said...

I definitely have an ICF too. She is always criticizing me and insisting that I do things differently. I'm struggling with how to calm her down and accept things more as what they are. I think that my ICF serves a purpose but she is a bit too prominent within myself.

Great post. I love to read that others deal with the same things I do.

Hope you are well.


Karen Beth :)