Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yoga Practice Options

For those of you who haven't been getting my emails (you know who you are!), here are some great practice options to try while I am away:
  • Natalie Botha, who teaches in Norwood. Call her on 072 198 9798 for more info about her class times, rates etc. She also does private sessions, as some of you already know!
  • Clara Woodburn at Yoga Warrior - many of you know her, and her fabulous new studio will be opening mid-September as far I know. Her website is www.yogawarrior.co.za.
  • My friend and teacher, Ann, whom many of you know, teaches a class at the Ishta Centre from 9 - 10.30 on Wednesday mornings. I f you want to know more, their website is www.yoga-sa.com.
  • Lastly, try the Sivananda Centre in Parkview, where my friend Brian Appleton teaches every Monday at 5.30. Their website is www.yogajhb.co.za.
Happy exploring!

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