Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yoga in Paris

Yoga in Paris, originally uploaded by kajo55.

Oh wow!

Look at this amazing photo I found on Flickr. I am going to be in Paris in September! So I can now drool over that gorgeous backbend in that gorgeous city.
(Note to self: Remember, Nadine, that backbend is because of her bones...)

For those of you whom I still haven't told, this is how the next few months look for me:

  • August 6 - 17 - KYM's Yoga For Women 2 course in Chennai
  • August 17 - September 1 - assorted travel around Tamil Nadu and South India, with a possible side trip to the Taj Mahal and Agra
  • September 2 - 19 - London! Yoga in London. Definitely more than vist to Jivamukti London
  • September 20 - 28 - Paris! All the sights but probably no yoga to speak of. This is assuming our visa goes through fine, we still don't know. But we bought suitcases anyway.

Home on the 3rd October.
Lucky us, life is definitely looking up!


Danura said...

Can i come with you???

Im only looking forward to 1 Yin yoga teacher training in spore in mid aug, then november for anusara teacher training in Malaysia...

oh but continuous travel would be great, yes thank you. please?

Linda (Sama) said...

hey, nadine! want to hear all about the women's course at KYM! please blog about it.....I'll be there the first week of January! can't wait!

after the classes, will be traveling to the Chettinad area, Thanjavur area, and taking the train from Madurai to Kerala for a week of yoga and ayurvedic massage! traveling solo, just the way I like it! woo-hoo!

be sure to read up on TN in my blog...:)


Cupcakes & Yoga said...

I wanna do yoga in Europe! Have fun!!

shinyyoga said...

ditto!! Can I come with you? How would it feel to do an amazing backbend in front of the tower such as YOU will do???

Have a ball, I can't wait to hear all about it. Breathe it in lady!! xx

Karen Beth said...

What a wonderful picture and how lucky you are to get to travel all those wonderful places! Can't wait to hear about it all! :)

rand(om) bites said...

Oh hon, can I come too!! I wish Australia wasn't so far away so it was cheaper to travel. I can't wait to see photos of YOU in front of everything :-)

Fiona said...

If you wanna do yoga in Paris you gotta go to Anjaliom studios on 144 Boulevard La Villette, Metro Stop Jaures or Colnel Fabienne. Beautiful studio, fantastic teachers and most speak good english.

Princess Fiona.