Friday, May 18, 2007


Thank you all for your comments and emails in response to my last post: they were scary, and I have spent most of this week in an existential fug, convinced that the end of the world is nigh. I am still convinced of that, or at least that some awful environmental disaster is looming unless we change our ways, but I just read a quote on Elizabeth Gilbert's site that made me feel much better - I adored Eat Pray Love, and I love what she says here:

The first question you can begin to ask yourself, though, is: “Where can I find a small corner of stillness?” Because that’s where it all begins and ends. God resides in these pockets of silence. So where in your day, where in your home, where in your mind, is there some opportunity for a moment of silence? Or maybe even a few moments, during which you can start asking the questions you need to ask in order to find what you need to learn. Can you find the time to get out of your own way and try to step into your own light? As a dear friend of mine put it: “To change your life, the important thing is not necessarily to travel; the important thing is to SHIFT.”

All we can do is shift our awareness to the people, creatures and plants who are affected by our actions, and those whose actions affect us. Connect to them, even just in our imaginations, and if we all pull together we will probably be OK, even if a disaster happens. Perhaps we will find a way to retain our humanity and not sink into wars over resources, which is what my over-active imagination tells me would happen.

And what really cheered me up was Elizabeth's link to Where the Hell is Matt? and his crazy dancing the world over! Making people laugh across the globe, that's gotta be a spiritual practice.

PS: If you have been wondering about my knitting, there is a post about that coming soon! It's all yoga, you know, just not the asana sort.


Karen Beth said...

It IS all yoga. I love that.

You are beautiful and your soul is beautiful to be worried about the world around you like it is. You do a world of good with the thoughts you project. Know that.


ombites (mary) said...

I loved Eat Pray Love too. We can only lead by practice so hopefully those around you will see what you're doing and try to make changes too. Kinda like a domino effect of all things good. I truly think we're effected by those around us and it's good to surround yourself with people who want to make the world a better place, starting in their own backyards. We can choose to focus on the doom and gloom or live for today and make today worth it! :-)

ombites (mary) said...

OMG I LOVE Matt!! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile, lots :-)

Danura said...

Thank you for this one! I just got my self Eat Pray Love and have only just started. Already it has put a smile on my face! If you dont mind, can i stick on the little review on my next post?

Light and Love.
Ps, i just got back from a little getaway trip and have little vinyasa sequences to share! will email them soonest!

Cupcakes & Yoga said...

It sounds like a good idea to shift our awareness, that way we won't feel so overwhelmed.

I love E,P,L....I need to read it again. I recommend it to everyone I know. :)

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

Thanks so much for the video link--I smiled and laughed, which is always a positive :-))

As for the environment, check out -- if the link is too long, just type in and go to their Earth link (the picture with the butterfly). It's nice to see the positives and personally, it gives me faith and hope.

Nadine Fawell said...

Thank you all so much for your comments and support! It is people like you who give me faith! Kris, thanks for the link, I will check it out right now.

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

BTW, I just tagged you, Nadine! In case, you are not sure what that is (I didn't know....), check out for questions to reply to.
No offense will be taken if you choose not to participate.
Take care and have a faithful day :-)