Tuesday, March 06, 2007


My student dilemma is sorted out - to my complete shock. Just so you all know: if you are honest and open and do what you said you would, the results are good. Or as Pattabhi Jois is famed for saying, 'Practice and all is coming.'

And the amazing thing is - she is still my student, we haven't even parted ways. Wow!

Now enjoy this gorgeous photo I found on flickr, taken by danurasana. It's kinda how I feel right now.


KB said...

Good going! all very cryptic in your blogsentation, but sounds positive in the end.

Nadine Fawell said...

It was positive in the end! It's cryptic because I don't want to give out details that would identify the student, for obvious reasons. Everyone has the right to behave badly occasionally and not face public censure.

Danura said...

Great to have stumbled on your site! The picture was taken in Bali, arranged with flower petals.. at a spa :) Would love to link you in and read more inspiring posts!


Nadine Fawell said...

Hey Danura! Again, what a pretty pic. Looking forward to reading more of your posts too, your blog is great. I have linked to it in my sidebar, hope you don't mind!