Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I love goodies that make life more interesting. One of my current favourites is Soil's Rose Geranium Organic Hydrosol, which I get from Greenlands. Its basically a yummy flower water - I spray it on the bedlinen when making the bed, on my face and neck when I am overheated, and sometimes just into the air to scent the room. And the best thing: it only costs R30 or thereabouts. It's great for the conscience because it is locally and organically produced, too.

Another fave is my Bloom lipgloss, from Woolies new cosmetics counter - a very welcome gift from a friend.

It's these little things that make each day special for me.

What are yours?


Anonymous said...

A new toothbrush! I bought one a couple of days ago, and it gives me a thrill every time I go to brush my teeth. Guess I'm easy to please :)

pendra said...

my list is just endless..... and not necessarily P.C., organic, or inexpensive as I am unfortunately what you might call a Yoga-Princess. love love love my yoga, cant get enough of it, especially with Nadine (my super-duper teacher) but love my luvvly luxuries too. Lots of Luksmi (sp?) in me. So: 70% Lindt dark chocolate, the mini bars so you dont feel too guilty when you scoff a whole bar (or two!) at night! my latest find - the Mocca Freeze from Seattle, tho I've learnt to ask for decaf after feeling particularly wired from a big coffee kick the other day; the vanilla & honey aromatherapy milkbath by White Cottage Classics; these incredible sky-show thunderstorms we're having this summer, Buddha Bar 5 CD, great for yoga; and just life at the moment.......