Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sun Salutes to get you through the holidays

The end-of-year holidays are looming, and with them invariably come too much food and too little exercise. December's newsletter will cover the food part, but if you are going away and want to continue your yoga practice, start with the basics: Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutes).

Just repeating this sequence several times (or many times!) is a full-body workout, moving all your joints, slightly elevating your heart rate, and encouraging good digestion.

If you want the Sanskrit names of the poses, they are in Asa-what?

Begin standing with feet together, hands at your sides.

Inhale, raise your arms.

Exhale, fold forward.

Inhale, lunge the left leg back.

Exhale, step your feet together for downward dog.

Inhale, upward dog.

Exhale, chaturanga dandasana.

Then go back the way you came:
Inhale, upward dog.
Exhale, downward dog.
Inhale. lunge the left leg forward.
Exhale, feet together and fold forward.
Inhale, raise the arms.
Exhale, hands by your sides.

Repeat with the other leg, to complete one round, then do as many more as you like!

Remember, your breath should be smooth and even, and if you have health issues, its always best to learn this with a qualified teacher first.

More sequences coming soon.

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