Monday, December 04, 2006

Yoga Classes

Discover an age-old, yet thoroughly modern, way to feel better. Yoga sessions, catered especially for your needs, will help you benefit faster, no matter why you are considering yoga!

You might need one or many of the following:
  • Rehabilitation from injury
  • Relief from long-term pain and stiffness
  • Improved strength and flexibility or athletic performance
  • A way to manage your stress and anxiety and improve your mental clarity
  • Weight loss or management
  • To learn to breath properly
  • To learn to take time for yourself – so difficult!
  • A way to bond with friends or family by doing a shared activity
  • A spiritual practice
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Alernatively, one on one or small group yoga session with Nadine will allow you to meet your needs, at your pace, in your own time. Ask as many questions as you like, no need to feel self-conscious as you would in a public class! Much more convenient than a public class, the session can take place in your home or office at the time that suits you.

This is the perfect solution for busy people, mums of young children, groups of friends, people new to yoga, and people with special physical needs like athletes and people dealing with injury or disability.

Rates determined by what you can afford. Sessions can take place within Melbourne CBD and inner suburbs, and arrangements for further travel can be discussed.

Call or email Nadine now on 0450 634 589 to book your session.

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Mary said...

One day I'm going to come to one of your classes!