Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Just Breathe...Out!

I was so grateful to receive this email from Nischala Joy Devi:

1:34 Slow, Easeful Exhalations can be used to Restore and Preserve Balance

Rhythmical breathing allows the mind and emotions to return to their natural state of equilibrium.

This is her interpretation of the Yoga Sutra 1.34. I wasn't breathing so well, having just spent 15 very uncomfortable minutes with a guy at the laundromat* who insisted on telling me about all the women and girls in the area who had been raped and assaulted. In fact, he said the word rape so many times, I was starting to feel quite twitchy. I would have left, but had to wait for my laundry to finish. Needless to say, I had to stop and take a few deep breaths, and a few more deep exhales, once I escaped!

Thank you for the reminder, Ms Devi!

*Still waiting for my furniture to arrive, and with it, my beloved washing machine. Sigh. Soon.


DAWN said...

You've got to wonder about people like that. They seem to take some sort of pleasure in making someone feel uneasy or uncomfortable. On the outside he may have thought he was just being informative, but come on--a man, sitting with a strange woman, discussing RAPE. Hello, not so helpful. Glad you regained your balance. Creep.

SAS said...

I think you showed that your sutras can come through at all times. Good for you!!! I agree with Dawn (Comments) -- Creepy Creep.

Pink Heels said...

I needed this email today while I was at the post office. A random guy proceeded to share with me why the world is just an awful place. I kept on telling him all of the things that I thought were beautiful and he would quickly find something negative to say about it. Ugh!

shula said...

Honey, I would have been twitching, too.

Welcome to my life, and may your washing machine arrive soon.

Total Health Yoga - Kris said...

I LOVE Ms Devi! Never had the pleasure of working with her, but am in the midst of thoroughly enjoying her book--The Healing Path of Yoga.

Best of luck on the washer.....

Rajesh said...

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