Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pay it Forward (and the circle of love)

At high school, the popular kids hung out by the entrance to the tuck shop. I was decidedly not one of them. I was so not one of them that I tended to avoid visiting the tuck shop altogether. I was happier down by the art classes with the geeks, losers, smokers, skaters and bikers. I have never smoked, but have certainly been classed as geek and loser, and dated my fair share of skaters, if not bikers!

So imagine my surprise when not one, but five, lovely bloggers named my blog as one of their faves! It just shows how far blogland is from high school, thank Gawd.

Julia, the stylish, cat loving, knitting yogini from Knitteroo said my blog made her day! Right back at ya, Miss Muffy!

Then four yoga gals offered me an excellent blog award, wow! Thank you, Brenda (Grounding Thru the Sit Bones), Yogamama, Linda (Linda's Yoga Journey), and Nona( Everyday Yogini)! I love all you blogs too, and yogamama, I am looking forward to getting to know yours!

So I thought I would pay it forward by naming my favourites other than the ones listed above, since there are soooo many great blogs that I read, and it is hard to pick just ten!

Here goes:
Creating Ms Perfect
Cupcakes & Yoga
Rand(Om) Bites
Shiny Yoga
Holistic Girl
YogaGumbo - by yogamum, creator of woyopracmo!

Some have already elected their top ten blogs, but for the rest, I am looking forward to finding great new blogs from your lists!


Karen Beth said...

Thanks so much for such a great honor! :)

Yogamum said...

Thank you so much!! The feeling is mutual!

YogaDawg said...

Thanks Nadine, I like your blog also...oops, how did I forget to put you on my list...*blush*....

Tell Seane Corn that YogaDawg says hi:)

shinyyoga said...

aww you're too sweet : ) And agree, what a wonderful world this blogging land is!! xxx

rand(om) bites said...

Awww, thanks beautiful! :-) x