Friday, August 10, 2007

Saluting the Sun

Dang, it is hot here in Chennai. You know I was saying it was hot the other day? Well, it got hotter. Yes it did.

Today at school, we saw a case study of a lady who has suffered from terrible fear and anxiety, to the point where she couldn't leave her house on her own. She has been practicing yoga since March, doing mainly breathing and meditation as prescribed by a KYM teacher, and now she travels the city alone, and has completed several computer courses, which she didn't think she had the concentration to do. The secret ingredients?

Her own faith in the effectiveness of yoga, and the sun. Or rather, the meditation she was given on the sun. She was told to imagine she was absorbing the strength of the sun, and to chant several sun-related mantra's. We did a similar practice in our meditation class afterwards, and it was wonderful, and after school one of the women on the course told me she healed a difficult relationship with an extended family member by chanting the Gayatri mantra and then 'talking' to that person mentally.

In such a hot place, just like at home in JHB, the direct connection between the sun and life is all too evident, and the power of the sun is unquestionable. Consider:
  • The sun is always there: it rises every day, at the same time, give or take seasonal differences, and when we can't see it, people on the other side if the world are in its light
  • Although the sun will one day die, by human standards it is immortal
  • Without the sun there would be no life on earth
So if we tap into this immense and awesome power, anything becomes possible for us. Next surya namaskaras, remember this - you can do anything you want to with the help of the sun, and it is always there to help.

In other news, my never shop unless you need it policy is rapidly being eroded by the loveliness of India's textiles. And so cheap! All the teachers on the course wear these gorgeous punjabis or saris, and never ever the same one. One teacher actually told me she has now filled all the cupboards in her three bedroom house! They have as much trouble resisting as I do!

The principal culprit so far has been Anokhi, where my husband also got several kurta's, but tomorrow, since it is Saturday and we failed to get into the Ideal Beach Resort (fully booked) we will be having brunch at my old haunt, Amethyst. I anticipate that we will be parting with a little bit of cash. Or perhaps plastic!

This pic is from last year, a leisurely lunch at Amethyst. Pics from this year to follow when I (er, my hubby) figure out the USB picture loading thing.


Karen Beth said...

Sun salutations are my absolute favorite to practice. They flow so well and just make me feel so alive and so good. Coincidence? I think not.


Linda (Sama) said...

oh my god, nadine, I LOVE ANOKHI! I dropped a lot of rupees at Anokhi....mmmmmm....and the Eco Cafe -- that was my green respite from the hot and dirty and dusty streets of Chennai....139 more days for me....

home is where the heart is and my heart is in India....