Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Borrower

Before I post this (borrowed) piece, I need to tell you all that Anton (the hit and run victim) is on the road to recovery, no serious injuries, and will be back at work next week. Thank you all for your thoughts!

This lovely piece comes from the Moksha newsletter, written by one of their recently graduated teacher trainees:

The Oxford Dictionary defines 'faith' as a 'strong belief or trust'.

I believe that when we practise Yoga we begin to have that strong belief, we begin to have that trust: we begin to have faith in ourselves.

It's a bit like embarking on a train journey: the moment you step from the platform onto the train you take your first step of faith. You may stop along the way, but by just beginning, by just embarking on the journey, by allowing yourself the opportunity, you move your soul towards faith.

Asana is the movement, breath is the progression and in your back pack you have the codes of conduct, yamas, nyamas, and you have sense control, pratyhara. Your interpretation of these as well the diligence with which you practise them, will determine just how much that back pack weighs. Subsequently though, the more you pack in the more you have to draw upon during the ride.

You may break up the journey or take the express. You may change trains along the way or choose to take the non-stop train allowing nothing to detract from your journey. Either way you choose to progress, faith will climb aboard with you.

Of course if you stay on the train, instead of jumping on and off or changing trains all the time, the journey is smoother, the progress more steady and faith holds a lot stronger.

You may find the ride uncomfortable at times but if you sit by the window you will feel the sun warming your face. At times the scenery may be dull but if you stay on board you will see the bright field of sunflowers around the next hilltop. And when the noisy engine overwhelms you, you will sing louder than you ever have and no one on board will mind. So it is that you begin to know the ebb and flow of life and so it is with each experience that faith holds your hand a little tighter.

When we have faith in ourselves we are able to move through life with equanimity. We accept life's fluctuations and are able to make conscious choices within everything we choose to do and say and think and feel. We trust that everything is as it should be.

Yoga takes us to that faith in ourselves. Although the journey requires faith, it gives us the faith we need. As with yoga, discipline is required but yoga gives us that discipline, we need strength for yoga, but yoga gives us that strength.

And so, it is the practise of yoga that gives you the faith to moves towards and keep moving towards your true self and if we then embrace the challenge and surrender to the infinite possibilities that it offers, yoga is like a train ride that never has to stop and it takes you closer to your true self with each passing mile.


Linda (Sama) said...

Love it, love it, love it! will be sending it to my local yoga peeps!

thanks, Nadine!


yogaglamgirl said...

"Closer to your true self with each passing mile". This is a great piece. Definitely to be shared. I'm so relieved to hear that Anton is okay. Thanks for the update! and no worries about the tag. Only do that which is right for you in time and space. hugs, ygg

Kimberly Palmer said...

Hi Nadine!
I really related to what you said about being online raising anxiety - I've noticed that happens to me too. The problem is that it's so hard to stop. I have to shut myself in my bedroom and start reading a book to keep away from the temptation of surfing the web for an hour, which only leaves me feeling more agitated...let me know if you come up with a good way to keep yourself away!

ombites (mary) said...

Oh hon, thank you for sharing this. I really needed to read something like this today :-)

Danura said...

This is a beautiful piece! Would love to borrow (what you borrowed) this and share with my readers!

Karen Beth said...

This is beautiful. I'm going go print it out and put it into my journal.

Thank you, dearest.