Friday, June 08, 2007

Some more suffering!

Thank you all so much for your outpouring of support in response to my last post. I agree, it is generally not OK to be unkind, if it is at all possible to avoid it. But I also realise I didn't make my point very clearly!

Here is my second, and hopefully clearer, attempt. What I was trying to say is that when we realise that most things are impermanent and will pass out of our lives, we find it easier to go with the flow.

Consider all these things that will be different in ten years:
  • Your age (duh!)
  • Your appearance. There is no avoiding it, you will look at least a little different.
  • Your home. If you haven't moved, which statistically most people do every 7 years, you will have repainted, or your furniture will have got older. Something will be different.
  • Your job. How many of us stay in the same career all our lives? Even if you are doing the same job, it will be different because you will have changed. Maybe you will have learnt more and will be more confident. Maybe you will just be bored.
  • Your relationship. Again, how many of us stay with one partner for life? Not so many, these days. And even if you are with the same person, you will both be different people, interacting in a different and hopefully better way.
  • Your stuff. Chances are you will have a different car, or no car, and different clothes; or the ones you have will be very worn and therefore different than they are now.
  • Your beliefs. If you are a thinking person, as we all are, chances are your ideas are mutable and will change in the light of new information, experience and knowledge.
If all of this has changed, pretty much everything about yourself, then will you still be the same person, the same You? Yes! Because the little part of us that Sees is permanent, immutable, divine. And that is what we are trying to know through the practice of yoga. As Carl says in his comment, we are trying to wipe off our clear sight goggles!

Also, check out a very similar post by Isha. See, we all have this struggle!

As my mother always says,

This too shall pass

Be it good or bad, this too shall pass, for that is the nature of the world.


Regina Clare Jane said...

I am sorry I missed the original post, Nadine, and I will say that disparaging comments hurt, no matter how "enlightened" we are. I think it's okay to talk about it, too, and then as you say, try to come to the realization that we are not what we look like to someone else, but what we look like to ourselves. How we see ourselves is the most important thing, I think.
I have had more trouble with overcoming disparaging remarks made by myself more than by someone else... I still have a ways to go.
Thanks for sharing these very important issues- we all go through them...

DAWN said...

In actuality, the disparaging remark says more about the person that said it than the person it was intened for. It is really about THEIR issues and not yours. As Regina stated above, the negative remarks you make about yourself are more damaging than anything another person can say. The hurt feelings you feel are really because you decided to agree with the statement; you have the power to disagree and by disagreeing you desolve the issue immediately. I really enjoy your writings and the fact that you put yourself out there so whole heartedly. You are very brave, indeed and should be commended for sharing. It is a blessing.

ombites (mary) said...

Hehe...and my tattooist's favourite saying is "This too shall pass" also :-)

isha said...

in a buddhist dharma talk given by our chief reverend a few years ago, he said something that i'll never forget:

everything is made up of atoms. atoms are always in a constant flux, always changing. so this means everything is impermanent. and there's no point in clinging on to anything at all

yogaglamgirl said...

I think that people often do not know how powerful words can be. Strong enough to lift our spirits or precise enough to cut like a knife. I'm sorry that you were hurt. Yes, things change and hurt dissolves but sometimes it still leaves a little scar.

Karen Beth said...

Beautiful post. It is so wonderful that you see this with such clarity. I know it does hurt but you are right... this too shall pass.

You are beautiful... inside and out.